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You are looking for a special event for this special occasion? It should be something new, something exciting, something that involves everybody? That's your place to be! Your experience at KEY ZONE will be as unique as your stag party is.

Our offer especially for stag parties in Lübeck

Last Minute Wedding – with our puzzle mobile through the city

Only two hours until marriage ceremony and you have to realize that someone sabotaged your wedding. Everything has been cancelled: the catering, the photographer, the flower deliverer... But you'll have a chance to rescue everything! With the help of your friends and a good plan you'll manage to organize everything in the city of Lübeck. Will you be able to make it in 2 hours?

Personalized Outdoor City Game for your stag party

With a handcart on puzzle tour through the city of Lübeck

Solve location-based riddles and save the wedding of the bride

Snacks and (non-)alcoholic drinks inclusive

Photos of the tour + personal souvenir album included


Infos & Booking

ca. 120 min Tour
up to 15 persons
180 € per Tour

The Bachelor Party - Make Lübeck to your interactive playground

Start your interactive iPad rally and go on a fun city tour with your bachelor group! Fun photo and video tasks alternate with funny quiz questions about marriage, women and everything that goes with it. 😉 Mainly the groom is challenged, but the rest of the team is sure to have fun too!

JGA City Game - Bachelor Party in Lübeck

Approx. 50 funny and various tasks

The focus here is on fun

Team of up to 15 persons

All photos and videos for free download


Inquire here!

ca. 120 min Tour
up to 15 persons
199 € per Tour

Photo Fun Rally - Lots of souvenir photos from a great day

During this every participant becomes a photographer. Start your interactive photo rally and let your creativity run free! Equipped with an iPad, you have to carry out imaginative and various photo tasks. Our app helps you to navigate easily and safely to the individual photo missions.

JGA City Game - Photo Fun Rallye in Lübeck

The focus here is on fun

Team of up to 15 persons

All photos for free download

Including printed souvenir photos for the bride


Inquire here!

ca. 120 min Tour
up to 15 persons
199 € per Tour

Last Minute Wedding - the Online Game

Shortly before the wedding, the wedding planner Miranda Rosenbaum disappeared without a trace. She had planned and organized everything and the bride and groom had put so much trust in her. But now the entire wedding is on the brink. Nobody knows where she ordered the bridal bouquet. Nobody has any idea where to pick up the rings and there is no information about where the wedding dress is made. Can you manage to organize everything in the shortest possible time and thus save the wedding?

Browser-based game – no download necessary.

Game can be started from multiple locations at the same time, so that all players have access to the same game.

All content can be opened independently on several PCs.

Communicate with each other via zoom (or similar) and save the wedding!


More Infos about JGA Online Game

60-120 min of virtual team fun
24,90 €

Escape Room Special

One Task. One Team. And 60 min time! Prove yourselves as a team in a race against the time. Being together in an unknown room that keeps everything to escape. You just need to find the things, decipher and combine them and to act as a team. Will you be able to escape?

Indoor Event for your stag party

Live Escape Games in up to 4 different rooms possible

Solve exciting puzzles and escape from our rooms

small extras inclusive: Personalization of the game possible


Escape Rooms Lübeck Inquire here!

60 min Play time
6 Players per Team
From 19 € / Person

Feedback to our stag party events...

"Super Idee und auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen"

"Waren zum JGA dort. Unser Raum war Tea Time at Mr. Wig. Wir haben es kurz vor Ende der Zeit lösen können. Die Tipps der Crew waren zum Glück immer zur richtigen Zeit da.
Es hat sich total gelohnt zu Euch zu kommen. Die Rätsel sind richtig einfallsreich und fordern schon ganz gut den Hirnschmalz.
Am liebsten hätten wir die beiden anderen Räume im Anschluss gleich mit gemacht. Super Idee und auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen. Wir kommen 110% ig wieder."

Denny Ahlers, Google

"Danke an das Team für den tollen Tag!"

"Meine Freundinnen haben für mich die JGA-Bollerwagen-Tour gebucht. Es war SO lustig! Ich bin begeistert, wie persönlich die Tour auf mich abgestimmt war. Bei bestem Wetter durften wir durch Lübeck laufen, Rätsel lösen und hatten ganz viel Spaß. DER Tipp für diejenigen, die ihre/n Freund/in nicht peinlich verkleiden und Schnaps verkaufen lassen möchten. Danke an das Team für den tollen Tag!"

Nina Koop, Facebook


"2-stündige JGA-Outdoor-Tour durch die Stadt. Anfrage und weitere Korrespondenz lief per Mail (total super und unkompliziert) Bei der KEY ZONE angekommen wartete schon unser Guide und erklärte uns den Ablauf. Mit Bollerwagen (in diesem sind verschlossene Fächer eingebaut) und Handy (zwecks Fotos machen und Kontakt zum Guide) ging es dann los. Es hat alles super geklappt (auch wenn das eine oder andere Rätsel etwas länger zum lösen gebraucht hat ) Wir hatten einen riesen Spaß!!! Unbedingt machen"

Julia M., Tripadvisor

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