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Trapped in an unknown room in which everything is availabe to escape. You just need to find the things, decipher and combine them and to act as a team.

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We're reconstructing! Therefore, our escape rooms in Hamburg are currently not bookable. In the meantime we recommend our City rallys in Hamburg. 😉

Escape Room 1: Strange Neighbour

Escape Room 1 - Strange Neighbour

Since the arrival of the strange and scarry neighbor Gertrude Tappendiek, nothing is as before. During the day, whimpering noises and foul smells are coming from her apartment, at night pets disappear in the neighborhood.
What is happening? What's up with the rumors of occult rites and sacrificial offerings? You want to get to the bottom of it. You know that Gertrude Tappendiek always leaves the house at the same time and comes back after exactly one hour. You gain access to her apartment, but suddenly the door falls into the lock and cannot be opened. Do you find a way to avoid becoming a victim yourself?

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Escape Room 2: Razzia on Board

Escape Room 2 - Razzia on Board

Crime scene Hamburg harbour. Your first job as a harbour police officer is considerably dangerous. Since yesterday a container ship from Odessa is located on Europa quayside. An informant told you that on board of this ship illegal goods from Eastern Europe should be smuggled to Hamburg. This is the chance for your first success!
Your team gained access to the ship. But too late you recognise that the smugglers noticed you. You are being detained and they have locked you up. You know that they have just disembarked and will return in 60 minutes. This is your last chance to escape.

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Escape Room 3: Project 2050

Escape Room 3 - Project 2050

The FBI needs your help. Scientists have undergone a self-experiment in a secret research laboratory. They wanted to find out if creatures can survive in an artificial ecosystem that is completely isolated from the outside world. However, after a series of mysterious cases of death, the contact with the research team is interrupted.
What happened to the researchers of "Project 2050"? Now you and your team are in demand. As soon as you’ve started the investigation you realize that the accesses to the system have been locked and the oxygen supply turned off. It looks like someone wants to prevent you from finding out the truth. In 60 minutes you won’t have any oxygen anymore. You need to get out of here!

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2 Players 70,00 €
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5 Players 110,00 €
6 Players 124,00 €

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Escape Room Hamburg: 60 minutes race against the time - The first Live Escape Game at Hamburg St. Pauli.


A mysterious scenario, a magical place, a motivated team and only 60 minutes time! Discover the characters, combine the facts and crack the code. Test the limits of your mind and let your imagination run wild. We will surprise you and your team in one of our Escape Rooms in Hamburg!

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