One Room. One Task. One Team.

In our Escape Rooms you'll find yourself in a room designed according to the story of the room. Within one hour of time you need to work in a team in order to solve the task. The puzzles offer exciting challenges in different aspects and areas.

Only while working in a team you'll be able to master the challenge.

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Overview of our Escape Rooms

Escape Room 1: Lost in Lübeck


In Lübeck corruption, murder, blackmail and drugs are not a rareness anymore. For some time a criminal gang is taking over control of Lübeck. After a long investigation the journalist Anne Niemayer has uncovered the backgrounds and is going to publish them. But suddenly she disappeared without a trace… What happened? The investigaton just started. Become part of the team and solve the case. You'll have 60 minutes time.

Escape Room 2: Strange Neighbour

Since the strange and eerie neighbour Gertrude Tappendiek moved in, nothing has been the same as it used to be. During the day, whimpering noises and putrid smells emanate from her apartment. At night pets disappear in the neighborhood.
What's happening? What about the rumour of occult rites and offerings? You want to get to the bottom of the matter. You know that Gertrude Tappendiek always leaves the house at the same time and comes back after exactly one hour. You gain access to her apartment, but suddenly the door falls shut and can no longer be opened. Can you find a way not to become a victim yourself?

Escape Room 3: Tea Time


The invitation of your colleague came by surprise. He's a nondescript, strange maverick and does not belong to your circle of friends. HOwever, you decided to give him a break and accepted his invitation. Now you're here in his living room and the table is prepared to have tea. But when leaving the room your colleague locked the door. Why? Find his horrifying secret and the way out.

Escape Room 4: Bloody Hands


You signed up as a volunteer for a promising medical study and you put yourself in the hands of Dr. Svensson. After several previous examinations, he was able to win your complete trust. Everything seems to be in perfect order when you finally enter his practice. But this changes quickly as the study begins and you must find that you were wrong about him...

Escape Room 5: Raid on the high seas


Pirates attacked the Albatros and locked you up in the cargo compartment of the ship. They disembarked already, but you are still trapped. The ship is floating rudderless on the sea. If you do not manage to take the wheel back in 60 minutes, the Albatros will encounter a reef and sink into the waters of the Baltic Sea. With that you are lost in the hull of the ship...

Our Prices

2 Players (30 € / Person) 60,00 €
3 Players (24 € / Person) 72,00 €
4 Players (22 € / Person) 88,00 €
5 Players (20 € / Person) 100,00 €
6 Players (19 € / Person)114,00 €

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