Playing times

Thursday 17:00 - 22:30
Friday 15:30 - 22:30
Saturday 11:00 - 22:30
Sunday 11:00 - 22:30

Other dates are possible too.

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2 Players (30 € / Person) 60,00 €
3 Players (24 € / Person) 72,00 €
4 Players (22 € / Person) 88,00 €
5 Players (20 € / Person) 100,00 €
6 Players (19 € / Person) 114,00 €

To play our games we recommend a minimum age of 16 years. With the exception of Escape Room 3 ("Tea Time") younger players can participate when accompanied by an adult. Here a minimum age of 16 years is mandatory. Our rooms are not barrier-free.

Buchung Escape Room 1

Escape Room 1: Lost in Lübeck

In Lübeck corruption, murder, blackmail and drugs are not a rareness anymore. For some time a criminal gang is taking over control of Lübeck.
After a long investigation the journalist Anne Niemayer has uncovered the backgrounds and is going to publish them. But suddenly she disappeared without a trace… What happened? The investigaton just started. Become part of the team and solve the case. You'll have 60 minutes time.

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Buchung Escape Room 2

Escape Room 2: Secret Science

CPL13 is a groundbreaking new medicine. The research is top secret and the results of it have to stay in the lab of Professor Jensen. As a new employee you are sworn to secrecy. But what if your first working day evolves into a deadly threat? No person other than yourself can help you. Escape as fast as possible. You'll have 60 minutes.

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Buchung Escape Room 3

Escape Room 3: Tea Time

The invitation of your colleague came by surprise. He's a nondescript, strange maverick and does not belong to your circle of friends. HOwever, you decided to give him a break and accepted his invitation. Now you're here in his living room and the table is prepared to have tea. But when leaving the room your colleague locked the door. Why? Find his horrifying secret and the way out.

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BrainBox: The mobile puzzle station

Unveil the secrets of the BrainBox and master the challenge – either against the time or another team!

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